"A business that fits us is the best vehicle to a life that suits us."

Patricia Bottero St-Jean, MBA
Founder, Start-a-Business Coach, and Freedom Seeker

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Hi! I'm Patricia Bottero St-Jean, 
Your Start-a-Business Coach.

For many, starting a business is a daunting endeavor. While the majority of US employees are disengaged in their work, they are so afraid to get into business for themselves that they waste their life in soul-sucking jobs.  Others, in fact, 32 million business owners in the US, choose the path of self-sufficiency and freedom. 

What if you started a business with the confidence that you can, at minimum, replace your income while also building a better life for yourself and your family? What if you could double, triple, or even 10x your income while enjoying greater freedom?

All it takes is one simple risk-free first step: exploring what starting (or buying) a business could mean for you, without any large commitment of time and money and without quitting your job... yet. 

I specialize in coaching aspiring entrepreneurs with early-stage research, vetting, planning before they jump into launching any type of business. When we work together our first priority is to vet the most viable business for you, the right business that:

  • Capitalizes on your strengths - with absolute clarity on what they are.

  • Is fueled by your purpose and your big why.

  • Is in alignment with your vision of your ideal life. 

  • Is economically viable.

I've spent the past 30 + years in the trenches of America's Main Street business where I coached owners of all types of businesses and sectors of industry: micro-businesses with one sole owner/operator, businesses with employees, full-time businesses, absentee ownerships, independent businesses, franchisees, independent businesses scaling as franchisors, etc. In the process, I've witnessed extraordinary successes but also epic failures.  Some entrepreneurs build beautiful lives with their businesses while others inadvertently pick a path of misery, chaos, and regrets. Because most new owners don't know what they don't know, they end up choosing the path of trial and error: the hardest way.

Throughout my career, I have observed that 99% of failed businesses are the outcomes of inadequate research and planning which should be done before committing to a business or a business idea. This is why I developed a methodology to help you avoid costly mistakes and start your business on a rock-solid foundation. It is titled  RIGHT BUSINESS RIGHT LIFE, a four-stage Business Plan & Roadmap to fail-proof your business before you invest great sums.

Whether you already have an idea for a business, or you are just considering a transition to getting in business for yourself, let me help you secure the path to greater freedom and income. Click below to explore how you can get you to a life you love with a solid business you own.

Cheers to a life you love!


Start the Right Business to Live a Life You Love

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Three ways that I support you in your entrepreneurial journey


Why do this alone? Minimize risks and leverage my experience to your advantage by working with me as your guide, your accountability partner, and your resource to adequately research, vet, plan, and launch your business. Book a free strategy call to discuss how we'll collaborate on your business project.


Join our membership BOSS, the Business Owner Success Society, guides you step-by-step from idea, to research, vetting, planning and up to the launch of your business with courses and group coaching sessions with other members who are also exploring or starting a business.


These à-la-carte and self-paced online mini-courses give you critical knowledge for your early-stage research and decision-making:
- Should you start a business?
- Should you start a business from an idea, or buy one?
- How can you finance your business?

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