Triple your Chances of Success

in Starting or Buying a Business
by Avoiding the Top 3 Causes of Failure.

Find out how to start or buy the right business  successfully by avoiding the tops 3 mistakes even savvy entrepreneurs make. 

FREE Online Master Class on Saturday 02/05/22
at 10:00 AM Pacific

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If working for a company no longer works for you, you have the choice to own your livelihood with a business. But before you quit your job, let's make sure you are prepared and that you are strategic about it. This class shows you what you need to do to start a business with confidence in its success and before you quit any job or start looking for a new one.










even Savvy Entrepreneurs Make
when Starting or Buying a Business

During this one-hour class, followed by Q&A, we'll discuss the behind the scene planning you'll need to accelerate your successful transition to a new career as an entrepreneur.  Our objective is to show you how to minimize risks while maximizing your success. Find out how you can have a successful business that gives you the freedom to build a life you love. 

The class reveals:

1- The top causes of small business failure according to the SBA.

2- How to avoid them when starting a business from scratch, or when buying a business or a franchise.

3- How to pick the right business as the right vehicle to your most ideal lifestyle and income.

4- Your next steps to launch your business on a solid foundation so that you get to profit as fast as possible.

5- Attend the live event and receive at the end of the class, a free roadmap to start your business on a solid foundation. The recording will be sent to all registrants.

Learn how you can have a successful business that gives you the freedom to build a life you love. 

Meet your Instructor

Start-a-Business Coach

Hi! I'm Patricia!

I'm a small business enthusiast, a freedom seeker, a pragmatic optimist, and an avid hiker. I have spent my 30-year career in the trenches of America's Main Street Business.  I've been an entrepreneur since my mid-twenties, when I left my corporate career in Europe and moved to the United States to start my first business; employing a team of 40, in a brick and mortar business, and that I bootstrapped to multi-million $.  For the past 10 years I've specialized in coaching employees out of a job they hate into a successful life they love by picking the right business and launching it on a solid foundation. 

OPEN FOR BUSINESS, is a Start-a-Business Lab and Coaching Agency that I founded with the specific purpose of guiding entrepreneurs from early-stage research, vetting, planning, and up to the launch of their ideal business so that they can start their venture by minimizing risks and maximizing their success. The framework of my coaching services, online courses, and low-cost membership is based on my methodology titled Right Business Right Life™, a business plan that I have developed to fail-proof the launch of any small business. 

I love freedom, and from my experience there is no better way to live a life we love than by being self-empowered, self-sufficient, and self-employed with the right business for each of us.

If you love freedom too, join me on this journey, and let's discover what your life could be like by exploring how to launch your new career as owner of your livelihood and your business. 

Cheers to living a life you love!


Patricia Bottero St-Jean, MBA
Start-a-Business Coach, Founder


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