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Are you ready for a deep dive into researching, vetting, planning, and launching the right business for a life you'll love

while ensuring you build your business on a solid foundation

and it gets to profits as fast as possible?


If so, I have a very special invitation for you. 


Welcome to BOSS!


BOSS opens its doors on December 1st, 2021
for the first 20 founding members!

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but first,

tell me if this is you...

 Do you feel that there's got to be more in life than working day in day out on someone else's business instead of your dream, YOUR business that you own 100%?
 Do you want to start your ideal business so that you can prioritize your time based on who and what matters the most to you? But you don't know where to begin?
 Do you have an idea for a business? Want to verify that it's a great one before you spend big sums, time, and energy
√  Do you want to make sure that the business you are starting or buying is built on a solid foundation and gets to profit faster?
If this is you, BOSS is built just for you.

BOSS is a low-cost business membership that guides you step by step, at your own pace, through the process of early-stage research, vetting, planning, and launching your business on a solid foundation.

I created BOSS just for you because I know how challenging business success is especially if you don't adequately research, vet, plan your business before you launch it! 

BOSS gives you access at your fingertips to the right tools, the guidance, the support, the network, and a roadmap to our business success. 
The ultimate Business Owners Success Society! BOSS is built for talented and self-propelled individuals who want to start a business the right way.

Strategically, Carefully and Diligently.

Why do you need to join BOSS before you start or buy ANY business? 

Identifying and starting the right business for you is not easy. This is why you need to follow a proven methodology and you need a community to support you in making the right decisions. With BOSS as your go-to resource you will: 
  • Identify your purpose to capitalize on your strengths and genius in your business.
  • Be clear on your Lifestyle, Income, Freedom and Equity (L.I.F.E.) objectives with that business.
  • Learn the right process to vet each path to business with their unique vetting processes whether you are considering starting a business from an idea, or buying one. 
  • Find the best funding source for startup costs or expansions including paying yourself during ramp-up.
  • Build a business plan, a marketing plan, a growth plan.
  • Build your launch.
  • Get access to dozens of market experts resources, tools and classes.
  • Interact with a community of supportive entrepreneurs like you.
  • Start the perfect business for you and avoid costly errors, take action, fund it, launch it, love it!

Your Start-a-Business Coach at BOSS

 Patricia Bottero


I am Patricia.
For the last decade, I've consulted with owners of independent businesses, franchises, and buyers/sellers of for-sale businesses. It was so eye-opening that it led me to realize one thing: 9 out of 10 new business owners don't research adequately and don't pre-plan the launch of their new business before they start it. Consequently, the majority fail or at best, are miserable with their business. Then I wondered, what's the point of getting into a business? This led to the creation of my company OPEN FOR BUSINESS which provides coaching services, online courses, market resources, and now BOSS - Business Owners Success Society. I created BOSS exclusively for entrepreneurs and soon-to-be owners to guide them before they jump into starting any type of business or buying one.  With BOSS, you now have access to the early-stage business ownership methodology I use for my private coaching clients at a low-cost membership subscription. "The Right Business Right Life Roadmap" is OPEN FOR BUSINESS' fundamental step-by-step formula that helps entrepreneurs research, vet, plan, and launch their most viable venture. This early research is the most critical and often the most overlooked stage of the entrepreneurial journey. 

By joining  BOSS you get access to the "Right Business Right Life Roadmap", in a step-by-step, self-paced membership that guides you to:

  • Avoid costly mistakes.

  • Decide on the best business or idea for you.

  • Set your success on a solid foundation.

  • Strategize your business growth.

  • Save you tremendous time, great sums, and energy.

  • Build a life you love with that business.

Most importantly what you invest in yourself with BOSS is your Best Return On Investment! The knowledge and resources that are shared with you through BOSS will help you make better decisions throughout your entire entrepreneurial career.

I'm thrilled to invite you to join as a Founding Member of BOSS. As a Founding Member, you have access to BOSS at special pricing that will never increase for you while you remain a member,  in addition to many bonuses. You can count on BOSS as your long-term virtual coach to support you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Cheers to Building a Life you Love!

Patricia Bottero St-Jean, MBA
Founder, Start-a-Business Coach, Freedom Seeker

Here's What You'll Get


1- THE RIGHT BUSINESS RIGHT LIFE ROADMAP with self-paced step-by-step guidance.  This is the framework Patricia Bottero created from over 30 years in the trenches of small business entrepreneurship and to coach her private client in helping them start a business.

Each of the 4 stages of the roadmap includes several modules with several lessons each. Each week a new module is released. This means the roadmap to the Right Business for the Right Life can be completed in 4 months, or longer if you wish.

There are no deadlines to complete the roadmap, only those you set for yourself.  It means that, depending on your pace, in 4 months you could have researched, vetted, planned, and be ready to launch your new business.

2- GROUP COACHING Each month we will have a Group Coaching Session to discuss your progress, your findings, and your questions. There will be bonus group coaching sessions added from time to time based on demand.

3 - A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP, free for the members of BOSS: The Start-a-Business Club is exclusive to the members of OPEN FOR BUSINESS. This is where you will connect with other members, exchange ideas, ask clarifying questions, and support each other. This is also where we have live expert interviews. 

4 - MARKET RESOURCES added monthly:

  • Market Resources & Referral 

  • Business Experts Interviews and Advice

  • BOSS’ Leadership, Mindset, and Health Resources.


BONUS #1: Lifetime Low Price Guaranteed of $97 per month for as long as you wish. As a Founding Member, you will benefit from perks and incentives beginning with the guarantee that your member's dues will never increase. Membership dues will regularly increase as the membership expands but your dues will remain the same as long as you are a continuing member of BOSS. Value up to $297 per month.

BONUS #2: A Private Coaching Session. Together you will ensure that you are on the right path to building your success as a business owner. Value $400.

BONUS #3: Discounts on other OPEN FOR BUSINESS products including private coaching packages when your need one-on-one support in launching your career as a business owner. 



BONUS #4: You'll receive 2 free months for only $970/year and save $194 - Value up to $3,564/year.

BONUS #5: A Free Leadership Strength Assessment with a 1:1 debrief session with Patricia to help you gain clarity on your motivators, your drivers, your strengths, and how to expand on them. For a small to midsize enterprise (SME) ownership, your leadership style is just as critical as the economic viability of a business. Why? Because you, the future owner and CEO of your business are its MOST IMPORTANT ASSET. In gaining clarity on your strengths you'll understand what type of business is most aligned to you so that you can start your most viable business and capitalize on your strengths. Value $497. 


In Stage 1 we research business(es) and sectors of industry.

There are thousands of viable business ideas in the world but only a few are actually the right fit. Here we explore the various paths to business ownership and how to identify the most ideal one for you. We also discuss several techniques to gain clarity on your vision of a life you will love. 


In Stage 2 we exercise the right due diligence in making sure the business or idea that you have selected to start, buy or develop is the right one for you and that is it economically viable. 

This is about getting into your choice of a business with your eyes wide open. Exercise due diligence for a new independent startup that you might want to launch, or for your acquisition of a business that is for sale, or for a turnkey concept such as a franchise or a business opportunity that you might want to develop.

In stage 3 we plan your business, for strategy, for funding if needed, and for growth.

Now that you have a fairly good idea of the business or business type that you want to launch, it is time to do some planning and projecting. We examine several business tools to project and plan your success including identifying the key internal and external areas of influence and preparing your business plan for funding and for growth strategy.

In stage 4 we identify the steps that you need to take in order to launch and operate your business.
 Congratulations! You have picked the right business for you and are ready to cut the red ribbon. But wait! Before your grand opening there are gazillion steps that need your attention: business entity, insurance, bookkeeping, bank, permits, regulations, contracts, etc. This session identifies the tactical steps required for any owner to start their business on their best administrative & legal foot.

This session identifies the tactical steps required for any owner to start their business on their 


A library of market resources, lists and referrals. Perhaps you need to speak to an SBA loan expert, or someone who can help you understand how to self-fund your business with a Roll-over-for Business Start-up (ROBS). Maybe you need to interview a few attorneys for your contracts. Or perhaps after going through Stage 1 of the Roadmap you have decided that buying a business is the best path for you and you are looking for a broker to buy a business. This is where we bring the market of small business professionals to you. 


A variety of business professionals are invited each month to share their expertise. You might meet attorneys, CPAs, Bookkeepers, Brokers, Venture Capitalists, Marketing experts, Social Media Experts, public relations experts, Insurance experts, SBA experts bankers, etc.









Each month we meet to discuss our progress answer questions and share our experience.

In mastermind fashion each attendee will have the option (not an obligation)  to be on a 8 minute "hot seat" and share  challenges and questions with the group who in turn will contribute to help.

If no one requests a hot seat, we will discuss the last month's stage, modules, and lessons, share questions, comments, and progress.

The Start-a-Business Club

Exclusive to members of the OPEN FOR BUSINESS Community

Expand your connections with like-minded and diverse entrepreneurs who inspire you, support you and share their experiences. 

Live interviews of subject matter experts will be offered live in the Facebook Group. 







A LIFETIME LOW PRICE GUARANTEED: $97 / month for the duration of your continued membership. Your dues will never increase. 


A PRIVATE COACHING SESSION,  with Start-a-Business Coach Patricia Bottero,  to accelerate your progress and answer your specific questions about the business or business ideas that you are considering. Value $400


Discounts on coaching services and other products, exclusive to the members of BOSS including private coaching packages when you need one on one support in launching your career as a business owner. 



BONUS #4: In addition to a Lifetime Low Price of only $970 / year for the duration of your continued membership (value up to $3,564/year) you'll receive 2 free months and save $194 each year.

BONUS #5: A free Leadership Strengths Assessment with a 1:1 debrief session with Patricia to help you gain clarity on your motivators, your drivers, your strengths, and how to expand on them. For a small to midsize enterprise (SME) ownership, your leadership style is just as critical as the economic viability of a business. Value $497. 


Join Our Waitlist



Join Our Waitlist



Benjamin Soukup

Mechanical Engineer.

Absentee Model Business Owner, Perfect Water, LLC.

"Patricia has a lot of experience with small business ownership and the process involved with getting your own company up and running. I have worked with her throughout the last year to secure my first business purchase. Her method consists of finding the right business based on your personality and long term goals and she works hard to find the right opportunities for you. Working with Patricia is great for those of you who have no formal education in business (I did not). Transitioning into business ownership requires goal setting and accountability to get through each step in the process. Patricia provides this accountability along with guidance and support as issues come up. Thanks again for your help Patricia."

Andrew Peters


Energy Digital Marketing.

"After years in the corporate world it was time for a change and I felt trapped. Fortunately I met Patricia who has been my professional coach and the steady “hand on the tiller” guiding me to a professional rebirth through franchising. She used time and expertise to understand my situation and strengths and match me to an opportunity that I love without any pressure to take action on her behalf. Her nurturing counsel helped make the decision to start my own consulting business simple. Patricia’s business acumen is first rate which is proving important as she still provides coaching as I grow my business."


Krista Valdonidos

Digital Marketer.

"I highly recommend Patricia’s program, Right Business Right Life, along with her coaching services, to anyone who wants to start a business.  Her program offers so much value and so many resources.  But perhaps the greatest resources is Patricia herself.   With over 30 years as a business owner, she brings to the table insights and hard-won lessons gained through her own experience.  The conversations with her through the coaching sessions helped me clarify what it is I really want out of my business:  In my  case, it is an online business that I can develop from home, while working around my family life.  Patricia’s unique approach to business, combined with her detailed process of research and discovery, truly can help you find your right business and your right life."

Bonnie Li


Owner - Padgett Accounting.

"Patricia helped me create my accounting firm Padgett in Mountain View from zero. She provided me very practical, patient and professional ways to analyze different business models and my personalities to finalize my choice that best suitable for me. Without her help, I wouldn't run my business this smoothly. I have been following her seminars and events. Every time, there's always an idea enlighten me that helps me running my business. I highly recommend Patricia who will provide you tailored and best business learning experience."

Brian Cicek

International Real Estate Developer, Sweden.

"Patricia is a great business coach for identifying and recommending the right suitable business for one. She delivers a strong comfort and security to work with with the extra services like lawyers and other services which one can need when moving. I highly recommend Patricia to anyone!"



Nicholas James

Owner, The Well-Being Group.

"An extraordinary and happy piece of serendipity led us to Patricia Bottero St-Jean when we first moved to Santa Barbara. Having sold our business of 16 years, we were looking for new investment opportunities and new adventures. On being introduced to Patricia, whose passion and mission is exactly to help people find business opportunities tailored to their needs and skill sets, we started to work with her to find our new business....we are both extremely grateful and indebted to her for her time, expertise and commitment to our future success and happiness."